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Buying the cheapest wine may be useful but does not necessarily get you a wine value. You may miss a better variety of wine. Wine does not quench thirst, do not slosh it down but sip it!

Pair your wine your dish with ;


If you wish to drink a glass of wine before meals, choose lighter one, if possible, prefer white or rosé! Since these varieties of wines are serviced cold, they are perfect with starters.


Chardonnay is the best pair to go with salads since it has fruity flavor.

Pasta, Pizza and Perfectness!

If you want to eat pasta or pizza, your choice should be of rosé variety.

Red wine

It is advisable to order red wine when eating red meat. It may also be ordered when eating feta cheese and pate because they have strong aromas. For fish and seafood, white wine should be preferred.

Variety of wines that pair to go with starters.

Chardonnay is the best pair to go with starters and salads.


Merlot is a good combination with intense sauce, cheese and red meat.


Do not hesitate to discover! For new starters on wine, it is advisable to taste different varieties till they find the best suited one.